Staff Development Modules

Students will create three staff development modules (either a series or three individual topics) for use with early childhood teachers, including written handouts and a multimedia presentation.

***Can you please do each module separate and about 10 pages each. Each module should have a reference page at the end and you can reuse the reference if you need to***

The goal of this assignment is to develop a total of three professional development training modules that could be completed at a few staff meetings or a half day in-service in a child care program. The materials you create for each module should be complete and comprehensive. In other words, you should be submitting EVERYTHING you need (including handouts, detailed activity descriptions, and video links, if included) so that your modules could be used by someone else with no additional preparation on her part. Each module should include the following:

1. A half to one page Rationale (why is this topic important?)

2. One or two Goals (general goals for the module) and four to five Objectives (specific, measurable outcomes that will be achieved by attendees)

3. Time and Materials needed for implementation (be very specific here)

4. Handouts or Media items that could be used to enhance the learning (you must create handouts as pdfs and/or provide links for media sources)

5. A List of Module Activities with detailed descriptions (some must be collaborative)

APA requirements for this assignment are as follows: Title page (no headings need to be included); pages numbered; overall APA formatting with one inch margins, double spacing, and recommended font; a reference page with all necessary information for sources you used.

Must use references:

Carter, M., & Curtis, D. (2009). The visionary director. Redleaf Press. ISBN #: 9781605540207

Sciarra, D., Dorsey, A., Adams, S., & Lynch, E. (2016). Developing and administering a child care and education program. Cengage Learning. ISBN#: 9781305088085

Talan, T., & Jorde Bloom, P. (2011). Program Administration Scale. Teachers College Press. ISBN: 978-0807752456

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