statistics paper

Math 156 Deadline: No later than Thursday, November 30 at 3:15 pm Fall 2017
Writing Project Topic: The World through the (Variable of Your Choice)
Overview of the Project
This semesters writing project will cover one set of 50 data values that 50 nations of the world. After two opening paragraphs on why you chose the data set, basic information about the topic of the data, and how that variable might relate to your eventual college degree/chosen profession, there will be three main paragraphs based on statistical information in the project. Paragraph 3 reports which sampling method you used to obtain the 50 countries. In Paragraph 4, you will write descriptive statistical information about the 50 nations. In Paragraph 5, you will choose three (3) nations and determine their placement in the descriptive data. Finally, a closing paragraph is written. Your data will be illustrated using a box-and-whisker plot. At the end of the project is an Appendix.
Now Lets Get Started. Your variable must be instructor approved.
In the Writing Project module, there is a file stating how to obtain data from various countries. You will be using only one website to obtain your data.
In order to write about the 50 nations, the only approved website is Once on the home page of the Central Intelligence Agency, click on World Fact Book to find a topic.
Once you find your topic, be sure to write down the URL address, the name of the website, the year in which the data was collected and the organization/group that runs the site. The URL will be placed in your Appendix A along with the data from that site. I will check that URL address when grading the paper. The other three items will be in the first paragraph of your report.
Your instructor must approve your choice of variable. Send Professor Showalter an email containing the following information: (1) Your choice of variable; (2) Minimum data value with country name; and (3) Maximum data value with country name. Deadline: By October 12.
Warning: Due to the uneven quality and reliability of its entries, Wikipedia may not be cited as a source in your paper.
At any time, you may stop by my office, room Russ 103, if you have questions.

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