Strength Finder Paper

Please respond to the questions below in a paper, double-spaced, 12 font. The paper is to be no more than five (5) pages
1. Prior to taking the assessment, review the thirty-four (34) themes and write down which of these themes you feel you
associate with the most?
2. After completing the StrengthsFinder assessment, what were the reported five (5) themes based on your assessment
results? List your five (5) themes.
3. Thinking about your five (5) themes, how would you use these themes to become a more effective leader or a change
4. As a public service professional and or a university student, how would you use your strengths assessment to
communicate and interact with your classmates or in the workforce?
5. Which of your Signature Themes do you anticipate using most in college?
6. Knowing your strengths as the leader is important. How important is it to know the strengths of followers? What
strategies might leaders use to gain this information?
7. After reviewing the themes outlined in the strengths finder book, are you able to identify any areas that you may need to work on developing?

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