Students will select a patient that they have initially assessed and critically discuss the management of care that shows how they have supported a patient to regain their independence and what strategies, policies and evidence they have utilised in their


An introduction should initially address the presenting symptoms with an outline of the patho-physiology to show your understanding of the condition, along with the rationale, tools and strategy for the diagnosis and the model of initial assessment ensuring that maximum independence is started from the first contact.

Main body of assignment:

Critically discuss the management of care and the impact of policies and evidence based literature you have used to guide you. You must include any pertinent health and social care contextual factors that may have made the case challenging, including personal, social, political, ethical, legal, cultural, economic and spiritual issues as well as psychological, communication and emotional issues that impacted on the care of the patient and hindered their progress to maximise independence.
You should also consider the collaborative working of the integrated health and social care teams in the on-going management pertinent to your area of practice and how this helped or hindered you in gaining optimum independence for the patient.
You can also include any technology or equipment and specialist services referred to in order to support and maximise independence.
You should demonstrate recognition of your own role and involvement in the patient centred care and an appreciation of your own limitations in helping this patient to regain as much independence as possible.


You should conclude with a summary of the patients situation at the current time and any on-going / outstanding issues pertinent to the case. You may also want to consider what changes in practice might have maximised this patients recovery and movement towards independence.
Please remember confidentiality of the patient and the Trust

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