Study on the Impact of Service Quality over Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Hotel Chains

his is an individual, written assessment, to be completed in report format. You are required to write around 3,000 words (+/- 10%), excluding title page, preliminaries, tables, figures, reference list and appendices. The report requires in-text referencing and a full reference list in APA style, with evidence that you have critically read and integrated a minimum of 20 suitable scholarly references.

The purpose of this assessment is to present the final report of the Professional Project you proposed in Assignment 1. This report should build upon both components of your Assessment 1 and it should be developed with the help of the tutor/co-ordinator feedback.

In order to successfully complete Assessment 2, you are required to carry out the investigation you have proposed in Assessment 1 and produce a professional research report that shows that you have followed through from finding a research question to answering that question and developing recommendations that arise from your findings. The report will follow the typical structure of a research report and will need to include the following:

Project title
Introduction (which must include some justification of your topic and your project’s aim and research question(s))
Critical literature review
A detailed presentation of how you carried out your project (commensurate with a ‘Methods’ chapter)
Findings from your secondary data analysis
Discussion of findings in light of your previously reviewed literature
Conclusion, including recommendations and limitations

And i have given the topic name as ” Study on the Impact of Service Quality over Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Hotel Chains”
that’s a business problem, and you need to prepare a project on this.

U can do this as in a Quantitative or Qualitative Analysis

for that i will upload 2 word documents as well

And i have uploaded an example project of high distinction student, please follow the same pattern exactly what was in that without excluding anything.

And i have uploaded marking rubric as well.

I have done nothing about the topic till now, please find everything and SECONDARY DATA is must and should and gather the matter about that topic and give me your best for me.

This is very important project for me, i need to score 80% marks in this project to pass this unit.

Hope you understand everything i said, if you have any questions about this please give me a message.

Thank you.

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