summarize lululemon’s introduction in 70

Focus on details reviewing the brand elements including brand name(s), slogans, characters, symbols, logos, URLs and social media handles/hashtags. Discuss the brands current state of brand equity. It would be good to have customer testimonials – could be videos on lululemons brand equity – i.e. when they see the omega logo, do they automatically think of lululemon?

of the Fashion Brand Lululemon Athletica was founded in Vancouver, Canada in 1998 by Chip Wilson. It is a technical athletic apparel company for yoga, running, training and most other sweaty pursuits. What started as a design studio by day and yoga studio by night soon became a standalone store in November of 2000 on West 4th Avenue in Vancouvers Kitsilano neighbourhood (History, n.d.). Now operates roughly 250 stores worldwide (Solan, 2015). The company is focused on creating comfortable yoga-inspired activewear, and many innovative marketing tactics have driven Lululemon to reap significant financial gains in just a few years. With a cute brand name, recognizable logo, and attractive shopping bags (decorated with inspiring, attention-grabbing one liners), Lululemon seems to have found a way to market its unique product line, attract new customers, and retain existing customers while offering quality products at moderately high prices.
Brand name: Lululemon Athletica
Slogans: Breath easy, its on us.
Lululemon manifesto is one way they share our culture with the community. Its an evolving collection of bold thoughts that allow for some real conversations to take place (Manifesto, n.d.).
Characters: yoga, activewear,
Logos: Lululemon logo is recognized more than Athleta. Under Armour an Reebok logos but was not as widely recognized as the Nike logo. It highlights the most common associate that participants had with the logo and emphasizes the strong demale and yoga-centric messaging that resonates with consumers (Johanson, 2012). Plausible interpretations include the silhouette of a perfectly groomed bouffant haircut; an omega sign; the outline of a uterus. Or, the blank oval might evoke a handheld mirror, that ancient and narcissistic symbol for femininity. Squint hard enough, and perhaps you will see the A, the crossbar just barely suggested by the cinching of the symbols waist. (Or should that be tail? Theres also more than a passing resemblance between Lululemons logo and the bottom half of a mermaid). Regardless of any official explanation, the logo conforms to Western visual associations of obedience: its tapered edges are softly compliant, its bilateral symmetry bends to convention. Whatever it is, Lululemons logo is clearly passive, receptive, a vessel: a wordless and powerfully reductive image of femininity, very much at odds with the mantras of liberation the company pitches cheerfully from its store windows (Solan, 2015).
Social media handles/hashtags
Lululemon develops a social media presence on the platforms used by its customers. It covers all the social media bases: nearly 2,000,000 Facebook fans, 1,080,000 Twitter followers, almost 2,200,000 Instagram followers and hundreds of videos on YouTube. In addition, Lululemon blogs, uses Tumblr, Foursquare, LinkedIn, Zite and Pinterest. It uses these channels somewhat differently but all to develop links with customers (Allan, 2012).
Lululemon Instagram, Retrieved from Instagram on January 7th, 2018
Lets have a look at their Instagram page. Within its Instagram description, Lululemon asks its followers to show how they live #thesweatlife. This hashtag alone has 738k posts. Their #lululemon hashtag has just over 1 million. These hashtags are used by their customers who generally are wearing their products in their photos. The content on the Instagram account encourages health and fun which in turn fosters followers. The description for many of their photos are meant to be inspirational and even educational yet at the same time, they are promoting their brand, their products, and even to announce the opening of new stores.
Its clear that Lululemon is definitely doing something right when it comes to using their social media networks to grow a successful business. With a goal to inspire, engage, and challenge its followers, Lululemon is not only successfully marketing its brand and products, but they are also building relationships and communities. Not only does Lululemon use social media as a marketing tool, they also use it to ensure their customers are always happy (Athletica, 2016).
Brands current state of brand equity: Lululemon can enhance their brand equity by improving the recognition and recall of some of their brand elements. The brand name is not fully utilized than Lululemon rather than Lululemon Athletica. Since the Athletica name is sometimes confused with Athleta, the company should consider dropping Athletica altogether. Furthermore, the company should reinforce the brand name so consumers know how to spell it. Color associations are strong with brand but the company should consider standardizing the usage of color for the brand name and logos on storefront and other non-product specific branding to reinforce brand awareness and knowledge (Johanson, 2012).
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