Summarizing, Quoting, Responding

Write an extended summary (“They say) of Mihaly Czikszentmihalyi’s “If We Are So Rich, Why Aren’t We Happy?.” In your last paragraph, make a claim about Cziksentmihaly’s essay(“I Say”). Use this template to frame the “I Say” paragraph:
My own experience yields a point that is similar/different/both similar and different. (INSERT A BRIEF PERSONAL STORY HERE THAT IS RELEVANT. YOUR STORY CAN BE BASED ON YOUR PERSONAL EXPERIENCE. You can use other evidence, but I want you to focus on the summary here, which means there is no need to invest tons of time in outside researching and reading. ) What I take away from my own experience/this example/this research is…..
For this assignment, we are working on SUMMARY, so I am looking to see if you’ve shaded your summary toward the point you are making. You should also consider your own argument in response to Czikszentmihalyi’s by making your evidence match with the summary you included. BE SURE TO IDENTIFY CZIKSZENTMIHALYI’S CENTRAL CLAIM. Please double-space and use either MLA or APA style. Choose the style that your discipline uses. NOTE: THIS ASSIGNMENT IS FOCUSING ON SUMMARY, SO YOU SHOULD REFERENCE Czikszentmihalyi’s AND MAKE IT CLEAR YOU HAVE A SOLID UNDERSTANDING OF HIS POINTS.
The scoring guide for MWP 1 is posted under the module for this assignment. I’ve included several style points on the rubric, so be sure to read it before you submit your paper.
A note: There are “Understanding the Text” questions at the end of the reading on pg. 156. I recommend looking at the first 3 to make sure you understood the reading.

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