Summary and Analysis of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’

Above are the Links to the book in case you don’t have it there available. The title of the book is “On Care for Our Common Home ; group reading guide ; to Pope Francis’ Laudato Si'” By Bill Huebsch

In Bill Huebsch’s summary of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’, no. 238 (p. 46), there is a description of the relationship which the Pope sees between the Persons of the Triune God (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and the relationship between human beings and all creatures. Read that paragraph from the document.

In your paper focus on any one of the sessions (chapters) 2-5 (numbers 62-199) of Huebsch’s summary of Laudato Si’. Summarize the main ideas and arguments the Pope makes in the session / chapters you choose. Also identify how the session you choose relates to the Pope’s discussion of Christian faith and spirituality (nos. 202-236, pp. 41-47).

After presenting this summary, indicate some ways the material from Laudato Si’ relates to “American Christianity Has Failed”
Relate what Pope Francis Says and indicate why or how there is a connection.

Finally, in the paper’s final paragraph or two, identify your own position with respect to Pope Francis’ evaluation of the ecological crisis in light of the teachings of the Christian tradition. Note an important point here: I am not asking you if you agree with the Pope’s scientific assessments of climate change or ecosystem ecology. I want you to evaluate the theological rationale for his assessment. Here is where you state your position: Do you agree or disagree with the Pope’s presentation? Does it reflect what you think Christianity should say about these issues? Most importantly, be sure to say why you agree or disagree. The “why” can include your personal experiences, but shouldn’t rely on them alone.

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