Summary of readings

Summarise the main points/theories from each reading separately into digestible pieces. example:

– Isaac, Jeffrey. 2017. ‘Communism, Post-Communism and Democracy,’ Perspectives on Politics 15(2): 317-324.

– Ferguson, Kennan. 2016. ‘Why Does Political Science Hate Native Americans?’, Perspectives on Politics 14(4): 1029-1038.

– Tickner, J. Ann. 2011. ‘Retelling IR’s Foundational Stories: Some Feminist and Postcolonial Perspectives,’ Global Change, Peace and Security 23(1): 5-13.

– Karen Rasler , Eli Berman , David Laitin , Roxanne L. Euben , Ian Shapiro , Gilles Kepel, 2007. ‘Review Symposium: Understanding Suicide Terror’. Perspectives on Politics Vol. 5, No. 1, pp. 117-140

– Sayer, Andrew. 1992. Method in Social Science: A Realist Approach, 2nd edition, ‘The relationship between subject and object’, pp. 14-24.

– McGreal, Chris. 2015. ‘America’s poorest white town: abandoned by coal, swallowed by drugs,’ The Guardian 12 November. Available online at:

– Gaventa, John. 1982. ‘Power and Participation,’ chap. 1 in Power and Powerlessness: Quiescence and Rebellion in an Appalachian Valley (Urbana: University of Illinois Press), pp. 3-32. Available online at:

– Interview with Thomas Frank, Bill Moyers. 2004. Online at:

– Bartels, Larry. 2008. ‘Who’s bitter now?’ New York Times 17 April. Online at:

– Noden, Kirk. 2016. ‘Why do white working class people vote against their interests? They don’t,’ The Nation November 17. Online at:

– Balbus, Isaac. 1971. ‘The concept of interest in pluralist and marxism analysis,’ Politics and Society 1. Available online here:

– Abrams, Philip. 1982. ‘Introduction: sociology as history,’ chap.1 in Historical Sociology (Ithaca: Cornell University Press), pp.1-17, esp. pp.8-16 ‘Making sense of social welfare’.

– Wight, Colin. 2003. ‘The agent-structure problem and institutional racism,’ Political Studies 51: 706-721.

– Brubaker, Rogers and Frederick Cooper. 2000. ‘Beyond “identity”‘, Theory and Society 29: 1-47.

– Mair, Peter. 2006. ‘Ruling the Void’, New Left Review 42, pp. 25-51.

– Wacquant, Loic. 2002. ‘From slavery to mass incarceration,’ New Left Review 13, pp. 41-60

– Doty, Roxanne. 1993. ‘Foreign Policy as Social Construction: A Post-Positivist Analysis of U.S. Counterinsurgency Policy in the Philippines,’ International Studies Quarterly 37: 297-320.

– Lemay-Hbert, N. 2009. ‘State-building without nation-building? Legitimacy, state failure and the limits of the institutionalist approach,’ Journal of Intervention and State-building 3(1): 21-45.

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