System leadership in multi-campus international schools: an investigation of the relationship between transformation and accountability

A critical review of the current literature on system leadership is the starting point. It is important to underpin the pros and cons of system leadership in educational establishments. Here some points should be made about the elements of transformation and, in order to instigate change, accountability.

Afterwards, the essay should focus on how this impacts on multi-campus international school settings.
The school in question which we will refer to as School A is a cluster of 3 primary campuses and 1 secondary campus.
Only 2 years ago the new principal introduced the One School Vision concept. This impacted on system leadership as for the first time all the campuses under the same umbrella had to find a way to communicate with one another in order to establish for the first time a learning continuum and a learning narrative shared by all staff and students on all campuses.
This had a huge effect on vision setting and transformational leadership.
In my research, the only documentation that is really worth noticing is the work that has been done on assessment. For the first time School A was able to implement an assessment strategy consistent across all the campuses and that could guarantee a learning progression from each primary campus to the secondary one.
In an interview with the Principal it was clear that the element of accountability was vital to align with the transformation but what emerged was a genuine interest of motivating staff rather than reprehending them. The principal was very adamant and passionate about creating a positive culture for change to be embraced. The principal also mentioned that he was willing to give staff time to digest the new information and to contribute rather than looking for younger and less experienced replacement.
One more important aspect that emerged from the interview was the creation and launch of a special CPD programme extremely well funded and designed to train teachers and to share ideas within the school. The principal was very adamant that if staff had to change and adapt to the new vision they also had to be trained and most importantly had to have the possibility to share their learning within their school community. This, for the Principal, was pivotal in terms of creating a dynamic and positive culture (system leadership).

Finally, few conclusion should be drawn and offered reflecting on the essays findings rather than offering new points for future discussion.

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