Take Home Final Q AND A

1) What is the origin of the bronze heads of the Obas Of Benin. Discuss their history, their technique and their relation to the history and culture of Ife.
2) a) Discuss the Orishas Shango and Eshu in the Yoruba religion and divination system.
b) Analyze the different aspects and meanings of a representation of Shango and one of the Eshu.
3) a) Describe the royal stools used by the Asantehene and other chiefs ( The Golden stool is one). Discuss the materials, designs and meaning.
b) What are they used for?
c) Relate to the mythology and history of the Asante kingdom.
4) What is a Bocio in the Fon culture of Danhome/Dahomey? Give an example and explain its use and meaning.
5) a) Who are the Tellem People?
b) What artworks have been recovered from their culture?
c) How do you relate the Tellem artworks to that of the Dogon? Give examples
6) Dogon Sirige mask
a) what is its meaning?
b) How is it used?
c) How does it relate to the history, religion and mythology of the Dogon people.
7) Select a Nkisi figure the internet (choose a reputable website: Metropolitan Museum or Brooklyn Museum or Dapper Museum)
a) Describe the different aspects of the figure.
b) What it is used for?
c) What is its meaning in the Bakongo society?
Attach the image used.

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