ted quant wk5 disco 1

Respond to one of your colleagues posts and explain how your colleagues codes are similar to or different from yours.

colleagues post:

Coding Scholar of Change Video #1

The video that I selected for this discussion was the one that was provided during week three of this course. The video, created by Anner (2015), was a concise, yet powerful piece regarding a submission of a “Walden Scholarships of Change Video.” Anner (2015), described the reason why he selected the public policy PhD program, how he would apply it, and how it overall aligned to his comprehensive academic journey. From the transcript, ” I am now enrolled in a PhD program at Walden in Public Policy Administration, with a focus on International Non- governmental Organizations”. For this particular segment of the transcript, I decide to use a code entitled, ” INGO defined.” I felt that the most important thing to know for further qualitative research was to be able to go back and locate key terms that would help clarify the overall mission of the resource. The definition alone, International Non-Governmental Organizations” already tells the qualitative inquirer of what the topic will be about, additional research may be attained through the INGO moniker, and how it may be used for future research endeavors.

The other qualitative coding term I created was termed “Applicable goal.” From the transcript, ” But the truth is that these international non-governmental organizations that I’ve been part of my career do come up with very creative solutions. But a lot of times, it’s very much ad hoc, or making it up as you go along. So my goal in getting a PhD at Walden is to start to bring some intellectual and academic rigor to this work, or at least the work that I do.” It is clear from this that Anner has given the reader acceptability with this portion. He has described and aligned the reason for the video, the program as well as the gap in the work that he has been doing for nearly two decades that requires the purpose of the submission itself. To accomplish this initial discussion post, the Laureate (2016) video tutorials were essential for me because the first video provided the fundamental concept of coding while the second video gave a lot oif visual examples using basic tools such as Word and Excel.


Anner, J. (2015). John Anner, Ph.D. student in public policy and administration [Video file].

Laureate Education (Producer). (2016). Introduction to coding [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author

Laureate Education (Producer). (2016). From content to coding [Video file]. Baltimore, MD: Author.

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