The Book Review

The Book Review

1. The review should be 2,000 words long

2. The review should be submitted via turnitin and as a hardcopy to the unihelp desk by 23:59 9th January 2018

– Please choose one of the following books for review.
Books for review

Braithwaite, J. (1989) Crime, Shame and Reintegration. Cambridge University Press.

Von Hirsch, A. (1976) Doing Justice: The Choice of Punishments. Hill and Wang: New York.

Lees, S. (1997) Carnal Knowledge: Rape on Trial. Penguin: UK.

Rock, P. (1993) The Social World of an English Crown Court. Oxford: Clarenden Press.

Grove, T. (2002) The Magistrates Tale. UK: Bloomsbury Publishing.

Grove, T. (1998) The Juryman’s Tale. Bloomsbury.

Halsey, M. and Deegan, S. (2015) Young Offenders: Crime, Prison and Struggles for Desistance. London: Palgrave.

Jacobson, J., Hunter, G. and Kirby, A. (2015) Inside Crown Court: Personal Experience and Questions of Legitimacy. UK: Policy Press.

King, M. and May, C. (1985) Black Magistrates. London: Cobden Trust.

Mulcahy, L. (2011) Legal Architecture: Justice, Due Process and the Place of Law. London: Routledge.

Nolan, J. (2001) Reinventing Justice: The Drug Court Movement. USA: Princeton University Press.

Shute, S., Hood, R., and Seemungal, F. (2005) A Fair Hearing? Ethnic Minorities in the Criminal Court. Cullompton Willan.

Owen, B. A (1989) In the Mix: Struggle and Survival in a Womens Prison. New York State: University of New York.

Ward, J. (2016) Transforming Summary Justice: Modernisation in the Lower Criminal Courts. London: Routledge.

Your review should include the following
1. A discussion of the books primary argument and the perspective it takes in relation to criminal justice. You should support this with discussion.
2. A critical evaluation of the text. Below are some questions you might want to address?
-what are the key strengths and limitations of the book? What are its strong and weak points? Is the text groundbreaking or simply an additional contribution to already existing works on criminal justice.
-Is the books argument clear.
-What evidence does the book use to support its arguments and is this evidence sufficient?
3. Assess the research design and methodology
4. How useful are the conclusions for policy and practice formation, or is it only theory?

A tip

a. Read book reviews in criminological journals to find out how it is done

Remember: your review will be marked according to how well you support and deliver. Marks will not be taken away if the course tutor does not agree with your review, but only if it is clumsily written, poorly thought and with no attempt to support the comments made.

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