The Challenge Assignment

Challenge Japan’s Cherry Blossom Season

Solving visitor and crowd behaviour problems can be seen as a challenge. This assignment encourages students to adopt a systematic and considered approach to solving a challenge rather than rushing in and thinking of the first solution which comes to mind.
The learning goals and desired outcomes from this assignment give students the opportunity to use information from the subject in a relevant way and creatively develop 2 (two) solutions in visitor and crowd behaviour management. The task requires both the use of ideas and the integration of the ideas to develop 2 (two) options which can be seen as appropriate for the setting. The task is built around the use of the ABCDEFGOMO mnemonic which offers a structured way of thinking about problems.
Students will have the opportunity to practise a challenge task in an in-class session or through online materials. This exercise will assist students in using the mnemonic.
Students can choose from several problems which will be presented during the course of the subject. Challenge problems will involve illustrated cases supported by text from the subject educators describing incidents and settings of crowding, panic, resource damage at sites and similar topics. T
In the assignment, which will be 2,500 words (approximately) in length, students will systematically address a series of points in a report format. These points should be presented as the headings of each section of the report.

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