The constitution of the USA

The topic is “The constitution of the USA a legal document that has survived more than 200 years”.
The requirements of this paper are as follows:
1.At least 9,500 characters.
2.It should have a clear structure (an introduction, a body of the text and a conclusion).
3. References to ALL the resources indicated in the final list should be made in footnotes or in brackets. References should be made to the resources used even if you do not use the quotation marks, but you base your ideas on data/opinions written by others.
4. References to printed resources score higher than references to online resources.
5. References to Wikipedia are not admissible in academic papers.
6. Quality resources to be used for drafting your written assignment include:
– The EBSCO database available at
– the SSRN.Com database
– the ResearchGate database
– the CADMUS database kept by the European University Institute.

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