Question: Why is THE EVOLUTION OF HUMANS the single most important theme of Big History? Give examples to support your view.

Please make sure that you include a bibliography and use footnotes or you will fail.

Marking guidelines
FOCUS: Offers a focussed response to the question and demonstrates an awareness of the limitations of the task. Uses a sophisticated understanding of the problem to offer an appropriate and creative/original response to the task.
HISTORICAL UNDERSTANDING: Contains no errors of fact and demonstrates a broad understanding of historical context/historical writings. Engages discerninly with the historiography.
RESEARCH: Draws on a substantial and equal balance of self-?located and directed research and engages with required materials in a sustained and engaged manner.
EVIDENCE: Uses a variety of evidence to support and demonstrate the argument. Demonstrates judgement in the selection and use of this evidence. Demonstrates an awareness of different types of evidence, and use this evidence creatively and empathetically.
ARGUMENT AND STRUCTURE: Offers a coherent, well-?developed and convincing argument in response to the question. Employs a clear and logical structure. Organises the discussion in a manner that supports the argument. Demonstrates independent thinking in the development of the argument.
COMMUNICATION: Presents ideas in an engaging, concise and accessible style. Demonstrates an excellent control of grammar, idioms and vocabulary. Employs rhetorical style and devices creatively to enhance the argument.
REFERENCING: Must use a minimum of 15 peer reviewed reliable sources AND include the following text:
Chapter 4 of David Christian, Cynthia Stokes Brown and Craig Benjamin, Big History: Between Nothing and Everything, New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2014. (ATTACHED TO ORDER)

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