The History Of Art

Compare and contrast Trajans Column with the Bayeux Tapestry.
Please consider the following in your essay:
-How do the narratives related to each piece unfold?
-Why might they have chosen such a medium?
-Where would each have been viewed? Who was the targeted audience?
-How would someone go about viewing the narrative in its entirety?
-Is there an advantage to showing a long narrative rather than a single image that summarizes the entire history (e.g. think of the victory scenes from Egyptian temples)
-What are some of the key similarities or differences in the way that the narrative is presented in each?
-Is there script?
-Does the same figure appear multiple times? -How many events are shown in this one narrative?
-How does each item reflect the time and place within which it was produced?
-you might consider genre, stylistic elements, clothing, language, technology, etc.
-How can these objects be used to better understand the art, culture and society from their respective times?
12pt font, Times New Roman, 1 margins, double- spaced

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