The Importance of Stakeholders

Discussion – Week 5
Online Class

Book: Patti, R. J. (Ed.). (2009). The handbook of human services management (2nd ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.
Human Resource: Partnerships and Stakeholder Influence and Needs
What comes to mind when you think of a stakeholder? Perhaps you think of a wealthy donor or a prominent business leader in the community. You might not think of schoolchildren as important stakeholders. Yet consider the following: In the city of Baltimore, a small elementary school runs a monthly food drive. The drive encourages elementary school children to provide bags of groceries to Viva House. This small community food pantry and soup kitchen has just two staff members. They rely heavily on food donations and volunteers to stock the food pantry and prepare meals for more than 200 people each week. Viva House depends on the food it gets from the elementary school each month. Likewise, children in the school have an interest in the well-being of the organization and contribute to the success of Viva House. Without their donations, the organization might not survive.
This week you will explore the value and influence of stakeholders in human services organizations. You also will develop questions to assess stakeholder needs. Finally, you will explore partnerships among human services organizations. Specifically, you will examine the role of human services administrators in building partnerships. You also will explore the importance of partnerships in human services organizations.
The Importance of Stakeholders
Stakeholders support human services organizations in a variety of ways. They may provide donations, time, or services to the organization. Any individual or group that has an interest in the well-being of the human services organization can be a stakeholder. Whatever the form, stakeholder support can be a valuable asset to human services organizations. Stakeholders can be influential in assisting an organization to meet goals and carry out organizational missions. As you prepare for this Discussion, think about a human services organization in your community. How are the stakeholders valuable to the organization, and in what ways do stakeholders influence the organization?
1. Post a brief description of a human services organization in your community.
2. Then, describe two potential stakeholders related to the organization.
3. Finally, explain the value and influence of these stakeholders on the organizations success.
4. Be specific and use examples to support your explanation.

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