The Role of an Adult Nurse

Demonstrate the role of the adult nurse in a variety of settings and insight into adults experiences of ill health.
You will need to choose an adult patient who you have met in practice (I have chosen a patient who is suffering from Diabetes)
1. You will be expected to discuss a range of needs and related services which may be accessed by the adult patient or family in order to support them in their needs. You should discuss the impact of these needs upon the adult patient and their family.
2. You will discuss the role of other professionals who are likely to be involved in care delivery.
3. You will be required to suggest an appropriate nursing model of care that care that was used or could have been used to promote effective communication and a partnership approach to person-centred care.
4. Your essay will need to be written in the third person and whilst this is not a reflective essay you need to provide a short reflective paragraph demonstrating how this experience will influence your future practice.
5. All your discussion should relate to the patient you have chosen and should be supported by academic literature.
6. Your essay should be fully referenced using the Harvard system refer to the University referencing guidelines for full details.
Remember the person at the centre of all this is the patient.

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