The Story of an Hour

Choose only one of the following topics and write a well-developed, three-page literary analysis.
1. Describe how the author’s values are reflected in one of the following short stories, “A Rose for Emily,” “Story of an Hour,” or “Miss Brill”. “Miss Brill” short story can be found as a page in this module.
2. Using Miss Brill (“Miss Brill”), Mrs. Mallard (“Story of an Hour”), or Emily (“A Rose for Emily”) write a well-developed essay explaining the effects of circumstances (characters’ education, family, economic and social status, and or/or geographic location) on the character’s behavior.
3. Write an essay explaining Chopin’s use of irony in “The Story of an Hour.”
NOTE: Your essay needs to have a thesis (central idea) stating your literary argument.
The essay should be an organized, connected, and fully developed set of paragraphs that expand upon a central idea or central argument. Each of your paragraphs should refer to the argument and demonstrate how selected details from the work relate to it and support it. The central idea helps you control and shape your essay, just as it also provides guidance for your reader.

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