Theme for English B poem research paper

The section should argue your interpretation of the poem. Consider this to be a
thematic analysis it will be your job to support your reading of the poem, your interpretation of its theme and how its
use of literary elements contributes to that theme.
Your essay should show a strong familiarity with the poem and should use literary elements and terminology to explain
your debatable, interpretive angle and argument. (20 points)
Your introduction must have a debatable thesis. This should be the last sentence (or two, if necessary) of the FIRST
paragraph. Underline your thesis/claim statement to make it stand out. (5 points)
Everything in your essay should work towards helping your develop and prove the literary argument as stated in this
thesis sentence. This section of your essay should be paragraphs developed in support of your thematic
interpretation of the poem. It should be organized by literary element or section of the poem. Each paragraph
should be an organized, contained unit, using quotes from research and the poem to support your reading. Do
not organize by summary. (20 points)
This section should use research to support its interpretative claims, integrating quotes into your own sentence. MLA
formatting should be used throughout. (5 points)
Final tips:
Dont try to cover too much information or use too many literary elements as the focus of your work; instead, choose one or two
elements that work together to give an overall interpretation of the text;
Dont use summary any more than you need to in order to make a point; assume your readers have already read the text;
summary should only be used as support and for clarity;
Dont use 2nd person you or your in your writing (1st person I or we is allowed IF it fits the tone and style of your work;
Do remember to underline your thesis statement and make sure your work stays focused on discussing and proving your main
Do make sure your work is in MLA format and your sources follow MLA guidelines;
Do proofread and edit carefully!
Here are sources links that we are supposed to used:

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