Thesis for Masters

THESIS for Masters Degree

This is a literature review thesis to understand the prosthetics in the developing world. More specifically, to explore problems faced with amputees in these countries and compare and contrast them with amputees in the developed countries:
Area of Research
Chapter Titles
1) Cause of Amputations (Not Required)
2) Cost of Amputation and Management
3) Prosthetic Device Availabilities
4) Challenges faced with Amputees
More focus must be put on the following chapters
5) Life after amputation in the developing world
6) Comparison of opportunities for amputees in the developed vs undeveloped countries.
The major focus of this literature review thesis is to understand existing literatures about this issue, incorporating thoughts and information together, and then being able to formulate a question or questions that could/should be pursued with further research. What kind of questions arise from the current literature and what kind of questions should future research target based on this literature review findings.
Regular Format
Scientific Format
Preliminary documents
Application for Degree
Title Page
Academic History
Dedication and/or Acknowledgements
Table of Contents
List of Illustrations or List of Figures
Reference Material
POWER POINT PRESENTATION to defend the thesis must be included.
We can change formatting and as we go along. If you need information from me, I will provide. Also, I need to have a draft of the introduction and an outline of the literature review in one week from the date assigned.
There is a deadline of January 15, 2017 to complete the thesis outline and first chapter (Cost of Amputation and Management). Draft of the entire thesis is due on January 30 and Completed project is due on February 28 i.e. revisions, corrections, and reviews are complete and the document is ready for submission and defending. Presentation Power Points from the thesis is due on March 7th, 2017 need more time to complete this task, you can counter with your time frame.

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