tonia quant wk 5

Respond to one of your colleagues posts and identify commonalities and differences in your experience. Consider the value of using documents and other media as data sources in qualitative research.

colleagues post:

Positive social change is anything that improves life for any member of society; it has to start with one. However, the goal is to benefit a larger population. Kezar (2014) noted the importance of social networks in supporting positive social change and argued that it is the informal relationships that make the most impact on whether a person participates in change behavior. Thomas, McGarty, and Mayor (2009) focused on the emotions of individuals that lead them to act on social change, emotions such as anger, guilt, and sympathy. For example, Waldens 2020 Vision for Social Change (2017) report explained how one Universitys mission promotes global positive social change through using its connections and curriculum. Each support positive social change as beginning with one individual, but potentially improving the lives of many.


Kezar, A. (2014). Higher education change and social networks: A review of the research. Journal of Higher Education, 85(1), 91125. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

Thomas, E. F., McGarty, C., & Mavor, K. I. (2009). Transforming apathy into movement: The role of prosocial emotions in motivation action for social change. Personality & Social Psychology Review, 13(4), 310333. Retrieved from the Walden Library databases.

Walden University. (2017). Walden 2020: A Vision for Social Change. Retrieved from

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