tourism and media

The influence of media and press on changing public opinion.
((Case study))
How the media can affect in increasing locals acceptance of tourism development in Qatar
Qatar has recently witnessed an increase in tourism development and an increase in the number of international tourists. Qatar is also striving for comprehensive development in the field of tourism in order to make Qatar a global tourist destination, but this may contradict with the culture, and traditions of Qatari citizens, because its a small country with small number of people. Qatari citizen has concerns about the effect of tourism development on their culture and tradition (I will include some academic recourse about this subject to use), how Qatari media can change their mind and increase acceptance of tourism development in Qatar. Whats the method are used by the media.
1- Introduction: from general to specific ( from the effect of media on public opinion to how the Qatari media can increase locals acceptance of tourism development)
2- Importance of the study : small paragraph why is this research is important
3- Discussion: discuss the issue and the findings of this study

4- Conclusion: small paragraph
Question that this paper should answer :
1-how can the media effect public opinion
2- What are the methods used by the Qatari media to make citizens accept tourism development?
3- The role of media messages in increasing citizens’ acceptance of tourism development

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