uk work experience for international students

Module Learning Outcomes

1. Demonstrate an awareness of UK working culture and practice

2. Evaluate the skills required by global employers

3. Undertake a self-audit on employability to identify skills and competencies and, based on these audit findings, prepare a personal development plan

4. Critically reflect on their transferable skills and competencies and how these align with the skills required by employers

Portfolio Assignment – 100 % of mark

The assignment requires you to submit a portfolio comprising four sections.

The portfolio is to be submitted as one MS Word file with a total word count of 2,000 words. The standard university 10% +/- margin applies

Based upon your planned career and/or your course speciality:

Element One (LO1)

You have been offered a graduate trainee role in your specialty. Identify and evaluate three key areas of UK employment law that are a) likely to be found in an employment contract or statement of terms and conditions in the UK and how this is similar to or differs from a non-UK country, such as your home country or a third country.

Element Two (LO2)

Identify and evaluate what you feel are the key skills required by global employers in your specific field of interest.

Element Three (LO3)

Prepare a skills audit based personal development plan, with particular emphasis on your key skills, main development needs and how you plan to address these needs.

Element Four (LO4)

Reflect on the match between your key skills and the key skills required by global employers in your specific field of interest.

Criteria for Assessment

This table details the weightings of the criteria by which your work will be assessed.

Criteria Proportion of overall module mark

Learning Outcome 1 (knowledge and understanding) 20%

Learning Outcome 2 (knowledge and understanding) 20%

Learning Outcome 3 (knowledge and understanding) 20%

Learning Outcome 4 (knowledge and understanding) 20%

Use of resources, research and referencing 10%

Structure, style , language and presentation 10%

Total: 100%

The standard University 10% +/- margin applies.

Please refer to the Rubric for further information on how work is assessed and graded.

How to pass this module

In order to pass this module, you need to:
Ensure that you have fully met all the learning outcomes and tasks as detailed in this Assignment Brief (if you do not meet one or more of the learning outcomes, you will not be able to pass)
Ensure that assignment meets academic standards for referencing, structure, spelling and grammar use.
Use the marking criteria to ensure you demonstrate key academic principles.
Submit all the work required through Turnitin by the given deadline

Before you submit your coursework, we strongly recommended that you check to ensure you have answered all of the tasks and that you have met all of the Learning Outcomes.

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