Unit III Project

Write a “how-to” magazine article (written in third person) to appear in a business magazine geared toward organizational leaders. Advise readers on how they can encourage employees to avoid the behaviors and practices that might inhibit creative thinking.
The article must include the following components:
? Use specific examples to illustrate your points and establish credibility with readers.
? The advice you offer should demonstrate your understanding of course concepts.
? All content in your written assignment must be original or attributed to an outside source following the journalistic style.
? Follow an inverted pyramid structure. See the Unit III Lesson for additional guidelines on this structure.
? Include at least one direct quote, and use a minimum of 2 outside sources. All sources used must be cited and referenced according to APA format.
Please note: If you are unfamiliar with the format of a how-to article, the Egbers & Schenck (2013) article, “Seven Enemies of Success for Newly Promoted Leaders,” from T+D magazine, located in the Suggested Readings section of the Unit III Study Guide, might be a helpful resource. The article can serve as an example for format ONLY. The content guidelines are listed above.
Ensure that you do not plagiarize from an existing article. Cite and reference any paraphrased or quoted material according to APA format.

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