United States History since 1865

2 Essay Questions, please respond to each question with a 2 page answer
Format: 12-point Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1-inch margins, and in paragraphs, no bullet-point lists.
Please use sources other than Wikipedia and cite them on a works cited page. Thank you so much!
1. Reflect back on Chapters 15 through 22 and consider the following developments:
African Americans continued struggle for equality and economic stability.
The development of the West and government policy toward Native Americans.
Industrialization, urbanization, mass production, and consumer culture.
Ongoing economic turmoil, poor working conditions, changes in the workplace, and poverty.
Social and political reform movements and new government policies and programs.
Considering a, b, c, d, and e, which affected the United States the most from 1865-1945? You should discuss each of these transformative events in some detail, but focus most of your response on why the one you chose was the most significant. There are no wrong choices hereI will instead evaluate your ability to explain each of these developments and compare and contrast them.

2. Agree or disagree with the following:
Between 1865 and 1945, the United States took a very active interest in world affairs. Americans unanimously supported US interventions in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. American businesses and workers prospered as a result, showing that great military expansion was exactly what the country needed at the time. And the effects of the resulting wars were well worth the price.
In your response, you should address the most important developments in American foreign policy from 1865-1945, but you should specifically discuss the following:
US foreign policy before the 1890s
US imperialism in the 1890s, Cuba, and the Philippines
Business expansion in Asia and Latin America and Dollar Diplomacy
US interventions in Mexico and Latin America
US entry and fighting in World War I
Business expansion and US interventions in the 1920s
Isolationism and pacifism in the 1930s
US entry and fighting in World War II
Public support for US wars and the effect of wars on the home front

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