Using relevant literature (research, government documents etc.) and your experience in school discuss the role of the mathematics subject leader identifying possible areas of difficulty and appropriate resolutions.

Primary Education degree- Final year mathematics specialism.
The assignment should also go into detail on at least two particular aspects of the role that you anticipate being difficult, providing reasons why these might be areas of difficulty and suggestions for tackling these difficulties.
At least one of these areas of difficulty should relate to leadership in mathematics and at least one should focus on mathematics specifically.

A difficulty faced specifically by the mathematics subject leader.
Mastery OR
Mathematical subject knowledge?

Therefore, the structure of your assignment may look something like this (this is just a suggestion, not a must):
o Introduction (500 words)
o Identifying the roles of the maths subject leader (1200 words):
o Identifying difficult aspects of the role and suggestions for how
to overcome these (1800 words)
o Conclusion (500 words)

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