Virginia agent of change

The purpose of this is for you to become an expert on one of the 13 Colonies. This will be important as we continue our study of the United States. Each colony has different interests that impact how it reacts to the creation of the United States after the American Revolution. The founding of each colony/state and the people within the colony/state influence how the state reacts to events and actions throughout American history.
Was your colony an Agent of Change or was it changed/shaped by the environment of colonial times?
Questions to be address (These may help with the development of the paper. Not all will be presented in your paper):
1. When, why, and how your colony was founded?
2. Who went to your colony (what types of people, religions, background, social classes, education, etc.)?
3. What was the purpose of your colony?
4. Experiences of the colonists when they arrived?
5. What were the hardships they faced?
6. What was their response to early problems?
7. What was the economy of the colony?
8. What was the religious/social life in your colony?
9. What was the political life of your colony?
10. What was the relationship of your colony with other colonies?
11. What was your colonys relationship with Britain?
12. Who in your colony would be for/against the American Revolution?

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