Visit To The Art Museum

Assignment: The Museum Response Paper
Research: Select a (one) major museum within a reasonable radius of our college. Suggestions include The Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC; The Museum of Modern Art in NYC; The Guggenheim Museum in NYC; The Princeton University Art Museum; or The Philadelphia Museum of Art. (The Monmouth Museum does not apply to this assignment since it holds holiday exhibitions this time of year).
You are asked to write a 2 3 page paper based on your visit to ONE Museum, provide an overview of the collection, and focus on a few works of art to describe in this paper. If you do research using resources beyond the museum walls, be sure to provide a Works Cited page and footnote any quotations, paraphrases, or ideas that come from a source outside of your own observations.
Some of this overview information will be available on the museums website. When was the museum founded? What is its mission? What is the extent of its collections?
While at the museum take some time to walk through several of the collections. Once you have spent time looking at works of art you have not ever seen before, find an area of interest and settle on writing about 3 different works of art that interest you there. These works can be painting, sculpture, architecture, fiber arts, costume design, book arts, musical instruments, ceramics, multi-media, video, or film.
This paper assignment is designed to help you explore and learn more about the wonderful museums that are available to you. It provides an excuse for you to focus on viewing outstanding works of art in person and writing about your new art experiences.

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