Wage variation differences- Econometrics

Wage Variation differences- Econometrics
-Re-submitted due to a change in due date
-TIME FRAME IS NEGOTIABLE (quality is more important but obviously the quicker the better!)
-Please read attachments carefully as they are fundamental to the success of the task
-The coursework question is: “Examine the factors that determine variation in wages between individuals using Econometric techniques
-Word limit also doesn’t have to be 9 pages just between 2000 and 2500 words
-The style has to be in the form of a short academic journal article and needs to be written in British English (not American)
-Research needs to be focused on one particular aspect of the data (e.g. difference in wage between gender)- as outlined in brief attached
-Statistics software required to conduct analysis (SPSS/Gretl much preferred as this is what was taught)
-The Labour Force Survey, final quarter 2015 data which is required to carry out the coursework has been uploaded as a zip file and in excel, but PLEASE get in contact if for whatever reason you have any questions to do with it as it is INSTRUMENTAL to the coursework.
-Following the structure as attached in PowerPoint is preferred
-These are the main points but please read the attachments too! (I have posted a word doc of screenshots of the coursework brief in case it’s attachment doesn’t open)
-Also someone mentioned something about wages in the original data needing to be transformed using log to get them in percentages for comparison (but Ill leave that up to your decision)

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