Discussion Question #1 As a primary care provider you understand the importance of family engagement in the health plan of care. You are seeing a 6 year old girl in clinic for a well child exam. The mother reports concerns that she and the little girl’s father have separated and are planning to divorce. Mom is looking for guidance on how to tell the little girl. How would you address the mother’s concerns?

Discussion Question #2 You have just finished seeing a 10 month old girl for complaints of recurrent otitis who was accompanied at the visit by her mother. Mother provided the medical history. Parents are not married, do not communicate with one another and the child spends Monday-Friday with her mother and every weekend with the father. Later in the day the father calls and wants to update you with his history as he was not able to attend the visit. The father gives a completely different history than what the mother told you at the visit. As the primary care provider, how would you address this situation?

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