What are the sources of Paul’s suffering?

after reading the book —-All Quiet On The Western Front by Enrich Maria Remarque, write a essay title is “What are the sources of Paul’s suffering?”
here is for your references below
2 sources of P suffering

Betrayal of trust
School master: everything will be great
First death shatters trust (I think)
Suffering from loss of trust
If he goes back home, no longer has school master to rely on
If goes forward, goes forward into unknown
Feels utterly alone; nothing to go back to and only war and death ahead

Constant exposure to death


Exposure induces sense of temporary insanity

After/during forest, something falls; P overwhelmed by voices in his head; feels paralyzed then guilty and remorseful

Shortly after, kills for first time

Thinks man is an abstraction; not real

Exposure has made him think illogically, crazily

Stabs enemy
As starts to die, P thinks not abstraction
All soldiers going through what he is going through (100000s of Germans, Russians, etc.)
Enemy experience just same as his
Source of suffering: realization that all will suffer; suffering bigger than him

Psych effects of war are source of suffering
Suffers before dies
Suffering not just from threat of own death but from sense of loss and betrayal and realization of hugeness of death

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