What kind of impact will the class situation that most are Chinese students bring to other country students? -Take Durham Business School as an example

Summative Assessment: 3000 word project report.
A 3000-word report on a pilot piece of field research. You should undertake a piece of research using one or more of the methods covered in the module. Your write up should focus principally on an evaluation of the methods used. While it can be useful to include some background and results, this should not detract from the main aim of the assignment: to demonstrate your understanding and your ability to evaluate critically ethnographic and related methods covered in F&I.

Your report should include:
A statement of your research aims/objectives/research questions.
A description of the methods used and an explanation of the rationale for selecting those methods. The description should include details of the sampling procedures, and the analytical approach, as well as a description of the field methods themselves.
A brief overview of the results obtained. (You will not be assessed on the results themselves, but presenting a brief overview of the findings will help inform your evaluation of the methods.)
A critical evaluation of the methods used; for example:
What kinds of knowledge / understandings were generated, and how might these compare to what other approaches might have given;
Advantages and drawbacks of your methodological and analytical approaches?
What difficulties (if any) were encountered? How did you deal with these?

Please note that you may NOT use the same piece of fieldwork for your F&I project and your dissertation. You may use the same method as you are planning to use for your dissertation, but you should apply it to a different topic.
Assessment criteria
For all assessments, we use the general University grading criteria (see the main student handbook) to provide a framework. When assigning marks for the project report, we consider how clearly you have framed the research questions and objectives; how well you have described and justified the methods used (including sampling, procedures, analysis); the depth and quality of critical reflection on the methods and research process; how you use evidence to support your argument; and the overall quality of the presentation.

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