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first-hand resources is needed, take pictures or relevant pictures online,
2 Different requirements than previous essays?

It will be longer than those you have written so far (4,500 wds);

You will devise your own essay title (in negotiation with me) which will relate to research questions you are asking, and should try to be precise and engaging for the reader;

The essay should involve a more specialist and coherent knowledge of concepts or theoretical texts. Relatedly you should have a section in the essay which discusses the ideas and secondary sources you have drawn on (this is your literature review);

You must also engage in some primary research (think of this perhaps as an expanded case study). Given the time constraints, this research will be limited. (Some of you will have opportunity for wider and more in-depth research next term when you work on your dissertation);

Your essay will show some reflexivity in relation to the design of the project and methodology/ies adopted; i.e. you will need to explain why you selected your topic and planned the essay in a certain way, opting for one or more methods you think appropriate given your research questions and the ideas you are developing;

It will involve presentation and critical analysis of your case study/research material;

You will try to develop an independent line of argument as you bring ideas to bear from your reading on your primary data or case study.

Your Conclusion will try to summarise key issues and arguments developed in the essay, pull out the wider implications of what you have written about and reflect on the strengths and limits of your approach.

Overall it should be clearly structured, following the Structure of Essay template provided below.

It should be professionally presented and meticulously referenced throughout following academic conventions
6 Balance between theory and case study (primary research)

The essays you each write will vary a bit in their balance, between on the one hand your critical engagement with a relevant range of literature, discussion of the context, design and methodology you have adopted and, on the other, your presentation, analysis, and interpretation of research/case study material.

But everyone’s essay needs these two aspects. For starters, think about the balance between the two (and between the first half of your essay and the second) as 50:50. This might end up being roughly 60:40 or 40: 60.

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