Written Reflection

Succinctly and thoughtfully, address the following questions/prompts. Remember, you are expected to use information from class modules (including discussions) as well as independent research. Use MLA formatting for citations

For each of the two artists you will be discussing, identify the artist, describe the artist’s style, explain the significance of the artist, and explain the relationship between California and the artist (how does locale impact the artist and their practice?).
When discussing the two artists you’ve chosen, please inject your own opinions about their work. Why do you enjoy it, or why not? What do you find effective? What do you question? Refer to specific artworks to support your ideas.
Considering the information presented in this course so far, what do you think identifies California art? Are there common threads throughout the art created in this state? Any recurring themes? If yes, what are they? If not, why not?

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